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For eighteen years now I have used a boiled-down figurative element within varying constructs to challenge myself to bring about a response in you, the viewer.  Using this “stick figure” person dissolves the issues of age, race and gender. Design, staging and the paint’s application set mood. A limited palette invites wider interpretation. And, hopefully, a moment stretches to a stillness in a much broader story.

click on paintings below to see a larger image

Paintings/screwed.jpg Paintings/minotaur.jpg Paintings/fetishist.jpg Paintings/between.jpg
Paintings/Bigfoot.jpg Paintings/wading.jpg Paintings/visitor.jpg Paintings/emperor.jpg
Paintings/4.jpg Paintings/pickle.jpg Paintings/mrsteelhead.jpg Paintings/lamplighter.jpg
Paintings/kingsofnoon.jpg Paintings/gotoguy.jpg Paintings/apollodaphne.jpg Paintings/annunciation.jpg

for painting inquiries please email artist@jerryleewallace.com